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Dear Valued Customer,

Last year, we advised Allstate that GIS and HireRight came under common ownership and were working together to offer you an enhanced user and applicant experience to help transform the background screening program.

We took this opportunity to change things up a bit. Make a few improvements. Because every now and then we all could do with a refresh.  But what won’t change is our commitment to provide you with an excellent background screening experience, helping you to make improved hiring decisions and build a strong company. 

 The combined company is now under the HireRight name and we have launched our new brand, complete with a clarified mission and vision, a new look and feel, and a new voice and logo. You’ll notice this change as we begin to sunset the GIS brand on elements such as Pangea, as well as social platforms, emails, invoices and the website.

 And now we’re excited to show you our new look!


Over the last few months, we took some time to look at who we are as a company and who we desire to be. We clarified our mission: To get it right every time, everywhere.

 We also cast a vision: To become the world’s most respected, most accurate, most accessible background screening and workforce solutions partner.

That’s a big statement. But we are driving in that direction with significant, dedicated investments in our people, our technology and our infrastructure, all to provide you with the best resources out there.

You may still notice the GIS | HireRight logo over the next year as we transition legacy GIS customers to the HireRight platform. But beginning today, we’ll start referring to you as our HireRight customer. We are excited to move forward together as one organization with a clear and focused mission and vision.

And don’t worry, though we may look different, you’ll still receive the same top-notch service you’ve come to expect.


Welcome to the GIS Vendor Credentialing Program 

The General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) website provides the opportunity for vendors to credential their business and employees in an effort to become an Allstate Insurance selected vendor. GIS provides background check services with advanced technology and customer support that allow you to easily and confidently submit the required information through a secure website instead of a paper application. Allstate requires vendors to be credentialed through GIS, but credentialing does not guarantee that Allstate will purchase any services from the selected vendors. 

Please refer to the instructions below on how to proceed. It is important to read through this material before beginning the application to ensure you have all required information readily available, as the system will time out after one hour.

If you have any questions please contact GIS by email at or by phone at the toll-free number 1-855-214-3007 

Please note that only businesses and their employees who have passed a background check will be permitted to perform work for Allstate. Use of vendors is based on Allstate need; there is no guarantee that any credentialed vendor will be utilized. 

Step 1 Vendors click the Click Here To Apply link.

Step 2 Click on Click Here to Begin button.

Step 3 Vendor enters required information for business diligence search:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

  • Organization Date (Date business formed)

  • Business Address

  • Ownership Diversity Information / Diversity Certification

  • Business Contact Information

  • Liability Insurance Information

    • Carrier Information

    • Policy number, dates and coverage amounts

    • Copy of insurance certificate

  • Applicable License / Certifications Information

Step 4 Vendor enters at least one individual for background checks and as many individual as will be involved with Allstate work. The minimum amount of data required for each individual is:

  • Diversity Information

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Applicable license and certification information

Step 5 GIS sends each individual an email with a link to complete an authorization to run a consumer report. All individuals must complete this authorization in order for GIS to complete background process (Step 7).

Step 6 GIS conducts Business Diligence and Individual background checks.

Step 7 GIS scores business and individual background checks based on Allstate’s criteria.

Step 8 For all businesses that fail the business diligence search, GIS will execute the full adverse action process, sending information to the primary owner of said business. Similarly, all individuals with have this process executed and sent to their home address.

Step 9 GIS provides vendor reports to Allstate on the following:

  • New vendor signup activity.

  • General vendor background check activity/status.

  • Comprehensive list of Vendor business applicants that GIS marks as selected, with an ability to look up based on a location or zip code.